2019 CROP walk Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a CROP walk?

The Boulder County CROP Hunger Walk takes place every October as a part of a nationwide effort to raise funds to help alleviate hunger and poverty here in the United States and internationally.  The walk has been raising funds since 1985 and works to support the grassroots, hunger-fighting development efforts of Church World Service (CWS) around the world. This walk also helps to fund hunger-fighting programs such as Community Food Share serving Boulder and Broomfield counties as well as Bread for the World. 

Q. Where does my donation go?

24% of the money collected by the Boulder County CROP Hunger Walk goes to Community Food Share, the food bank that serves Boulder and Broomfield counties. 1% of the funds collected are given to Bread for the World, a nationwide Christian citizen’s movement seeking justice for the world’s hungry people by lobbying our nation’s decisions makers. The balance of your donation goes to Church World Service or your designated organization, to fight hunger worldwide.

Q. May I designate where my donation goes?

A. Yes! Because CROP Hunger Walks are ecumenical, interfaith, multi-cultural events, individual donors have the option of designating their gifts to other approved international hunger-fighting agencies including MAZON,  CARE, Project Hope, and Heifer Project International. This option is unique to CROP events and available for individual sponsors only.  There are almost 3 dozen participating denominations that are part of  Church World Service’s part of our board of directors that are making decisions about where the money will be used. Gifts not designated go to support the worldwide ministry of Church World Service.

Q. How Can I Donate Online?

Click here for support/donate tutorial support or donate to a walker or team in the Boulder County CROP Hunger Walk.

Click here for walker tutorial  how to register for an online walker account, join a team, send emails to potential funders etc.

Q. What about some basic information about the 2020 walk?

Due to the COVID19 Pandemic, this year’s walk will a modified walk.

What does a modified walk mean?  It could mean folks raise funds, set a time, and then walk when they can walk, with whom they feel comfortable walking. We encourage folks to walk with their households, in their own neighborhoods with family or friends. Indoor walks, walk challenges, and more can make up this year’s CROP WALK, so please be creative! There are a variety of options. If your group would like to focus together and Walk on Oct. 25th, this is recommended by Church World Service.  All “walks” need to be completed with funds turned in on our final date of  October 25th..

Q. Where do I take my fundraising envelope?

A. Once you have collected all your funds you can either turn in your funds at the registration on walk day. Feel free to chat with your recruiter. They may be willing to turn in all the envelopes from your Church, Synagogue, or organization on the day of the walk to the registrars.

Q. What about parking?

A. We recommend commuting to reduce the number of cars on site.

Q. I can’t join the walk, but how can I donate or support online?

A. We’re sorry you can’t join us, but we do appreciate the support for this worthy cause! If you wish to support a participant, group, or even the Boulder County CROP Hunger walk online, just click here to go the online donation page. Let us know if you need help!

Q. Will there be a traveling trophy?

A. Absolutely! Boulder County CROP hunger walk has a long tradition of awarding the “Sandal” trophy to the group that brings the most walkers and another trophy to the group that raises the most money based on the size of the group. Make sure to take a look at these fine trophies on display the day of the walk!

Q. Can my group buy beautiful CROP t-shirts?

A. Yes! VINTAGE t-shirts will be on sale during CROP walk day on site.

Q. How much does it cost to walk in the CROP Hunger Walk?

A. Nothing! The CROP Hunger Walk is a sponsored walk so there is no entry fee. We simply ask that you ask people to give you donations for walking. Start your donations by sponsoring yourself! Through the CROP Hunger Walk website, you can customize your own online donation site which makes raising money easy.

Q. Will there be a photographer available?

A. While you are always encouraged to take photos on your own we are looking for photographers that will be taking pictures during the walk to be posted on the web site at a later date. Please let the organizers know if you or someone you know is interested in this!

Q. Other Questions?

A. We really want you and your group to be successful, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with more questions! bouldercropwalk@gmail.com


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