Boulder County CROP walk founder, Virginia McConnell

*note original content for this article originally published by the Longmont Times Call 10/6/11

LONGMONT — In its first year, the Boulder County CROP Hunger Walk raised about $5,628 for agencies fighting to alleviate hunger both domestically and internationally.

Virginia McConnell was on staff with the Presbyterian Hunger Program in Boulder when she watched a film about Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty walks and decided to bring the idea to Boulder.

“I was inspired to do it. That (film) gave me a practical idea,” said the 84-year-old Boulder resident who helped organize the walk for its first 15 years. “It just seems so basic to life to have food.”

Church World Service, an ecumenical ministry of Christian organizations that work to end hunger and poverty both in the U.S. and abroad, began CROP walks 64 years ago. Today, about 2,000 communities host walks. Boulder County’s is one of 25 in the state listed on the organization’s website.

McConnell, who has missed only one CROP walk since 1986, said she is proud of how the event has grown.

“I still believe in it. I really do. We just have so much and so many people have so little,” she said.
Phil Goerner, Virginia McConnell, Sibyl Goerner and Krista Brakhage are ready to walk in the 2012 Longmont walk.

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