Possible presentation for your congregation

One of our teams is presenting during their online worship service. Please feel free to use this for ideas to develop something like this for your own congregation! Please feel free to use, modify, or just give you ideas!

During the pandemic, it’s understandable if you feel helpless in the face of the many challenges in our world.  So many of us are taking every precaution we can to keep ourselves and loved ones safe in the face of this terrifying virus.  We watch from the safety of our homes as people are truly suffering, losing income, and finding themselves food insecure.  There are so many ways that we can take action to make a difference.  One of those ways is supporting the Boulder County CROP Walk, whether you walk, donate, or solicit donations.  Your donation will help people here in Boulder County, in the United States, and across the world wherever the need is greatest.  Taking action is one way to push back the fear and anxiety and truly help those in need.

This action is an important way that we can step into the mission here in our congregation. Join our team at crophungerwalk.org/boulderco/ set a goal, contact your friends and family to support you, and then since there is no main walk this year you can walk whenever you want with family, or folks you feel safe spending time with. You can actually participate in the walk however you want- some folks are walking, others are running, still, others are getting out the rocking chairs and doing a CROP ROCK!

However, you join us- we are grateful for your prayerful support of this important effort.

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