Walking the walk, The Whole Year Long!

This year the Boulder County CROP Hunger walk facilitators have adopted a theme: “Walking the walk, the whole year long!”

We know we have faithful folks that have walked with us many many years. You same folks have really already lived this idea, living lives that help others. Several of you volunteer with your local food bank or pantry, participate in food drives, educational opportunities and other opportunities to serve the needy.

Just like those that receive help from our efforts, there is a need for an extended effort in addition to our annual October walk. We would like to challenge ourselves to continue to learn about the needs of those suffering while finding opportunities serve others.  Think about how you might use the walk as an emphasis or starting point for what you might do that would have an impact throughout the whole year.

As much as possible encourage yourself and others to do the same!

Walking the walk, The Whole Year Long!

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